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Licensed in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, D.C.
Your Strategic Partner in Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation: “The conduct of a non-criminal matter in a court of law from initial advice to client(s) through to the enforcement of judgment.” Duhaime’s Law Dictionary

Family Law

Divorce: The dissolution of a marriage can quickly become complex. What for some may be an easy exercise in filing paperwork for others may be an extensive endeavor entangled with assets and emotions. Sean can offer clarity, perspective, and a tough hand to fight for your entitlement.

Child Custody: Ending a marriage and determining the care of your children is rarely a simple task. Sean can provide a third-party perspective that is focused primarily on one thing: the best interests of your next generation.

Estate Litigation: Management of someone else’s affairs can be complicated, tedious and often very sensitive where family members are concerned. When handling trusts, estates, or conservatorships becomes mired in legal issues, Sean has the resources and experience to help you fairly and justly execute the affairs.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury: An accident is beyond your control by its very definition. Whether it is an automobile accident, an unexpected fall due to negligence or even a dog bite, it often is a case of being in the wrong place at the right time. When the impact of an accident invades your daily life, your health, your ability to effectively work, sleep, or participate in daily life, Sean works to ensure you can afford to treat the pain and limit its lasting effects.

Worker’s Compensation: Injuries at work can take on many different forms, but all have one thing in common: your need to recover. Treatments, physical therapy, operations, and physical disability all have a real cost, and Sean will help make sure your employer’s benefits cover your recovery.

Civil Litigation

Employment Litigation: For most of us, work is where the bulk of the day is spent. Yet the effects of a hostile work environment can resonate throughout entire lives, impacting health, future employment and the ability to support family. Sean can help you gain compensation for the damaging experience, to enable you to move forward along your career or job path.

Business Litigation: Whether it is have an issue with a company you have dealt with, a client or customer has taken issue with your company or a dispute between companies, Sean offers the knowledge and experience that can leverage the case in your favor.

Contract Litigation: Whether you need to defend or contest a contract, Sean can provide a sharp legal mind and a determined argument for your case. If there is a loophole, a breach, or an unfulfilled obligation, Sean can leverage it to help.

Medical Malpractice: A patient’s health is a very serious matter, as is the accusation of improper practice of medicine. Sean has experience and expertise in representing the accuser and the accused and can bring his experience and skill to leverage your case.

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