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About Sean

Even though Sean W. O’Connell has been a solo practitioner for over 25 years, it could be said that he has been practicing law for his entire life. Sean’s father, Jack O’Connell, was a prominent attorney with the Central Intelligence Agency, stationed in Jordan when Sean was a young boy. After his CIA tenure, Sean’s father became King Hussein’s attorney and diplomatic counselor in Washington, DC. * Growing up around the practice of law shaped Sean’s career path.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy at Regis University, Sean earned his Juris Doctor from Antioch School of Law in 1986. He went on to Georgetown University Law Center to gain his Master of Comparative and International Laws by 1988.

Sean prefers working in a hands-on, intimate private practice. In 1990 he opened his practice in Arlington, Virginia where he has been helping clients manage their legal issues ever since.


Personal Philosophies

Negotiation, when feasible, is always preferred to litigation. Agreeing to a settlement will save both parties significant time, stress and money versus going to court.

  • Domestic Relations:
    • The best interest of children is our primary driver.
    • For contested cases involving the division of property and child support, it is always better to settle out of court. If the case nevertheless ends up in court, your attempts to negotiate will help to support your claim for payment of your attorney’s fees.
  • Personal Injuries:
    • No amount of money can compensate for the pain and disability you have to manage from your injury.
    • Get treatment early and continue treatment until your doctor determines that you have healed as much as possible.
    • Keep a ‘diary’ – a daily account of your pain, medication, treatment, changes in sleep and missed work as you experience it. This will be invaluable information in the settlement of your case.

*Find out more about Jack O’Connell in his autobiography: King’s Counsel: A Memoir of War, Espionage, and Diplomacy in the Middle East.


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